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Calendar of the Feasts

Feasts of the Lord


God has a calendar. He does not want us to be in the dark about the coming of Yeshua - either His first coming or His second coming. That is why He set up the Feasts, or Mo'eds. A Mo'ed is an "appointment" with Him, so that He can meet with us and teach us.


God commands His followers to observe His Feasts, so that we can all be "on the same page". We are commanded to observe the Feasts of YHVH in Leviticus 23.


The Spring and Fall Feasts are our roadmap to understanding how God meets with us. The graphic clearly shows that the coming of Yeshua was perfectly timed with His Spring Feasts:

  1. Passover

  2. Unleavened Bread

  3. Firstfruits


His Spirit was poured out on the Feast of Pentecost.


Yeshua will return during the Fall Feasts:

  1. Trumpets

  2. Atonement

  3. Tabernacles


For detailed teaching on the Feasts of the Lord, you can watch a series of teachings by Mark Biltz by clicking on this link.

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