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It all began in a bookstore. 


Marvin and Jeanne Marlett fulfilled their dream of owning a Christian Bookstore nearly ten years ago, when they opened one here in Santa Maria. One day Marvin began listening to the teachings of Wayne Davis, a Messianic Jew, who insisted that Jesus was Jewish, and that we should still be keeping the Torah today. As Marvin explains, “I was convinced that what he was reading was not in the Bible, so I opened up the scriptures to disprove him. Boy was I wrong!  He was reading exactly what my Bible said.”



As you may have guessed, Marvin and Jeannie shared the treasures they had found with friends and visitors that came into the store.  Soon they started a bible study with their friend Jon (who had brought them the CD teachings) in the back of the store, closed the store for the Sabbath, and started regular Shabbat services. When they learned about the Feasts of the Lord, they began to celebrate them as well.


Our group, now known as Olive Branch Ministries, has spread the message to many. Over the years, several families have moved out of the area, so even though we’re small in number, our outreach has had an influence on many people. Some have even started new groups closer to their homes. The Messianic Movement is growing! 


We are thrilled with each and every new treasure we find and are excited to share them with you as well.  So, we hope you enjoy the nuggets of wisdom and joy that we have learned over the years and that this also might become a gathering place for believers to come together!  (Please see our Statement of Faith)

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